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Volume 40 (4), October-December 2020

Cintya Lanchimba, Andrea Bonilla-Bolaños and Juan Pablo Díaz - The Covid-19 Pandemic: Theoretical Scenarios of its Socioeconomic Impacts in Latin America and the Caribbean

Diego Garcia Angelico and Giuliano Contento de Oliveira - Capital account liberalization and its effects on economic growth and financial instability

Eduardo Alberto Crespo and Tiago Nasser Appel - How competition drove social complexity: the role of war in the emergence of states, both ancient and modern

Fernando Rugitsky - The decline of neoliberalism: a play in three acts

Lauro Mattei and Vicente Leoblein Heinen - Impacts of the Covid-19 crisis in the Brazilian Labor market

Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira - Financing COVID-19, inflation, and the fiscal constraint

Ricardo Zortéa Vieira - Geopoliical rivalry and the develoment policies in Vargas Era (1930-1950)

Roberta Rodrigues Marques da Silva and Rafael Shoenmann de Moura - Redesign or demise of old Developmental States? East Asia in the Post-Financial Crisis of 2008

Rosa Maria Marques and Patrick Rodrigues Andrade - Marx and the capitalism in XXI century

Sheila C. Dow and Carlos J. Rodríguez Fuentes - The role of credit in regional divergence: Spanish regions and Eurozone countries

Tainari Taioka, Felipe Almeida e Ramón García Fernández - Thorstein Veblen’s Institutional Economics and Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky’s Behavioral Economics


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Cristina Ares and Antón Losada - The resistance of the four European worlds of welfare from the birth of the euro.

Ediane Canci - Economic growth and innovation: na estimation of the frontier of possibilities for innovation.

Eliana Cardoso, Thais Peres Dietrich and André Portela Souza - Population aging and inequality

Felipe Maruf Quintas e Marcus Ianoni - The Rehn-Meidner Plan and the Swedish development model in the Trente Glorieuses.

Felipe Orsolin Teixeira, Daniel Arruda Coronel and José Luis da Costa Oreiro - Determinants of the technological intensity of state exports for the period of rising commodity prices.

Gabriel Vilela Resende Freitas - Narrative economics and behavioral economics: contributions to the behavioral insights on post-Keynesian theory

Joaquim Miguel Couto, Luis Gustavo Alves Lima and Ana Cristina Lima Couto - The public deficit and the growth of the federal securities debt (1995-2016).

Marc Morgan and Pedro Carvalho Junior - Taxing wealth: general principles, international perspectives and lessons for Brazil.

Marta Postula - Measuring the fiscal governance instruments: a synthetic index for EU countries.

Pedro Perfeito da Silva and Julia Veiga Vieira Mancio Bandeira - National, democratic and social: Chilean developmentalism during radical governments

Ricardo Barradas and Andreia Gonçalves - Financialisation and the Portuguese private consumption: two contradictory effects?

Roberta Muramatsu and Ana Maria Bianchi - Behavioral economics of corruption and its implications

Rodrigo Silveira dos Santos, Reno Schmidt Junior, Vivian Sebben Adami and Fabrício Carlos Schmidt - Analysis of the effects of the New Automotive Regime (1996-1999) and Inovar-Auto (2012-2017).

Sebastião Neto Ribeiro Guedes and Rodrigo Constantino Jerônimo - The unexplored influences of modern physics on John R. Commons’ economic theory