Reforma monetária e fiscal para o combate a inflação no Japão pós-segunda guerra mundia (1945-1951)
Silvio Yoshiro Mizuguchi Miyazaki

This paper analyses the Japanese inflationary process occurred in the period after the World War II, between 1945-1950, its causes and the policies of stabilization, monetary and fiscal reforms. Initially, it analyses the factories that increased the price level. The measures adopted to revert this process were divided into two subperiods: phase 1 (between 1946-1948) and phase 2 (between 1949-1951). Those economic policies and reforms resulted in an economic stabilization.

Vol.12, n.o4(48), 1992
Regionalismo no pacífico asiático: integração econômica orientada pelo comércio externo
Silvio Yoshiro Mizuguchi Miyazaki

This paper analyses the process of regional integration in Asian Pacific region, that has had high economic growth and where there are economies with export led development policies. Traditional concepts of regional integration are described and a new concept, the open regionalism, is introduced. The history and institutions of Asian Pacific integration are presented. The economic interdependency between Asian Pacific countries is analyzed by geese pattern model of economic development.

Vol.16, n.o1(61), 1996
Estudo da complementaridade do comércio entre o Brasil e o Japão com vistas a um acordo de livre comércio
Silvio Miyazaki e Nobuaki Hamaguchi

American. Considering the intention to carry out an agreement with MERCOSUR, this article aims to analyze the complementarities between Brazil and Japan trade structure by revealed comparative advantages indexes, with World Bank data for the period between 2006 and 2008. The results show a comparative advantage in primary commodities to Brazil and in industrial products to Japan, as well as indicating sectors that may oppose to trade liberalization 

Vol.33, n.o4(133), 2013
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