Volume 36, n.o 2 (143)  
Reflexões sobre o Novo Desenvolvimentismo e o Desenvolvimentismo Clássico
Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira
The Swedish model: an alternative to macroeconomic policy
Alexandre Guedes Viana e Patrícia Helena F. Cunha
A inércia estrutural da base produtiva brasileira: o IDE e a transferência internacional de tecnologia
Tulio Chiarini
Latin American countries and the establishment of the multilateral trading system: the Havana Conference (1947-1948)
Norma Breda dos Santos
Why transaction costs are so relevant in political governance? A new institutional survey
Gonzalo Caballero e David Soto-Oñate
Da fisiologia à economia política: o itinerário intelectual de Quesnay em direção ao Tableau Économique
Fernando Ribeiro e Nelson Mendes Cantarino
A estrutura e o mercado: uma análise comparativa do Plano Trienal e do PAEG
Leandro Vizin Villarino
Testing the models of transition in practice: the case-studies of Estonia and Slovenia
Viljar Veebel e Andra Nam
Systemically important financial institutions in Latin America - A Primer
Jacob Kleinow, Mario Garcia Molina e Andreas Horsch
A radical proposal for direct democracy in large societies
John Asimakopolos


Since its first issue, January 1981, the Brazilian Journal of Political Economy is a peer reviewed journal, which sees economics as political economy.
Papers with Keynesian, structuralist, or institutionalist approaches are welcome.
The Journal publishes papers on development economics and macroeconomics, adopting a historical-deductive method, as well as papers criticizing economic theory.
The Journal also welcomes applied papers containing relevant research, having priority papers on developing countries.
In the revisions of the literature the Brazilian and Latin-American relevant authors are not supposed to be left aside.
In the case of econometric studies, the technical aspects are supposed to be published only in the journal’s electronic edition.
The papers are published according to the date that they are approved, but some priority will be given to the ones in English.
In accepting the submission the Journal adopts as additional criterion the scope of the paper and its interest in publishing it.

O CENTRO DE ECONOMIA POLITICA, fundado em 01 de julho de 1980, é uma associação de caráter cultural, sem fins econômicos ou lucrativos, que tem por finalidade promover e desenvolver atividades, palestras, seminários, debates, cursos, reuniões e estudos sobre economia política, e editar a Revista de Economia Política para complementar seus objetivos.


  • Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira


  • Vera Cecilia Motta Bresser Pereira
  • Robert Cajado Nicol
  • Nelson Marconi
  • Maria Cecília Heise
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